Features: Music Player for WooCommerce

WordPress plugin to include a music player in WooCommerce products.

WordPress Plugin

The Music Player for WooCommerce is distributed as a WordPress plugin. Its insertion and use is very intuitive, and includes a complete configuration interface for controlling all the players behavior and interface.

WooCommerce Integration

The music player for WooCommerce products, allowing potential buyers to listen a fragment of the audio file being sold before deciding to purchase it.

Dokan Integration

Allows the integration with the Dokan multivendor store.

WCFM Marketplace Integration

Allows the integration with the WCFM Marketplace - multivendor store.

WC Vendors Integration

Allows the integration with the WC Vendors.

Secure Audio Player

The plugin creates truncated versions of the audio files for selling, to be used with the audio player. If an unauthorized user downloads the audio file being played, it would be the truncated version.

Multiple Skins

The music player is distributed with multiple skins. The skins can be selected from the products settings, or the settings page of the plugin.

Cloud Integration

The plugin allows integration with Google Drive to store audio files for demo in the cloud, and not on the local server.